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Obituary, Rev. Joseph Koterski, SJ
August 9, 2021
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Cardinal Burke
Health Update & Message
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Homily at the Pontifical Requiem Mass
to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of
Ignatius Cardinal Kung Pin-.Mei

"If we renouce our faith,
we will disappear and
there will not be a resurrection.
If we are faithful, we will still disappear,
but there will be a resurrection."

Bishop Ignatius Kung Pinmei - 1954

"We wish to manifest an earnest pledge of our solicitude towards you, as well as to accomplish a duty of veneration and gratitude...It is fire that tests gold; tribulation that proves saints; trials endured for Christ's sake being virtue to a summit of perfection, where like the Apostles, innocent of all malice, it endures wrongdoing while forgiving the malefactors...It is with these thoughts in mind that unceasingly we pray to our God of peace and all consolation that soon the dawn of peace may shine upon our beloved land of China, and that you may early be restored to the liberty fitting to your sacred position..."

Paul VI - October 7, 1974 - On the occasion of Bishop Kung's twenty-fifth episcopal anniversary while he was serving his life sentence in jail

"Your participation in Friday's Consistory was the realization of an intention which has been with me since the beginning of my Pontificate, since the Consistory of June 30, 1979. At that time, I felt that the whole Church could not but honor a man who has given witness by word and deed, through long suffering and trials, to what constitutes the essence of life in the Church: participation in the divine life through the apostolic faith and evangelical love. The bonds of faith, hope and love which unite the baptized with the Lord and with each other have an essential and visible manifestation in the communion which links the particular Churches to the Church of Rome and to the successor of Peter."

John Paul II, July 1, 1991 Vatican

"On the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of your priestly ordination, as you celebrate fifty years as a Bishop, and twenty as a Cardinal, it is a great honor for me to express my heartfelt congratulations and very best wishes.
In your decades of fidelity to the Church, you have followed the example of Christ the Good Shepherd, and even in the face of great suffering, have not ceased to proclaim the truth of the Gospel by your words and example. For your faithful witness to Christ, the Church is deeply grateful."

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger - July 1999

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