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2018 Ignatius Cardinal Kung, Modern Confessor of the Faith
2012 May 8 Church Militant
2011 September 22 Archbishop Dolan's Letter on China
2011 January 20 Prisoners of Religious Conscience for the Underground Roman Catholic Church in China
2007 September Reply to Adam Minter's Response to Our Rebuttal
2007 July/August A rebuttal to Adam Minter's "Keeping Faith"
2007 January 4 The Bishop from Beijing
2006 July 26 Searching for Bishop Su
2005 August 6 Beware Communists Bearing Gifts
2005 March 23 Petition to China to Release all the Imprisioned Bishops, Priests, and their Faithful and
to Exonerate all their Criminal Charges
1998 Feburary 4 Investigate Religious Persecution in China
1998 A Catholic Voice Out of China
1998 Remembering Two Soldiers of Christ
1998 Where Will it Lead?
1997 January 26 Catholics in China: Back to the Underground
1996 June 15 Appeal Letter to the Government of the People's Republic of China
from Bishop Su Zhimin, of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Baoding, Hebei China
1996 Spring The Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association
1996 Spring Hypocrisy or Tactful Machination?
1994 December With St. Peter at the Helm
1995 August Holy Father's August 1995 Mission Intention
1994 Autumn The Month of May in Dong Lu - 1994
1995 May A Miracle?
1995 Summer Evangelizing China
Two Open Letters to Bishop Ignatius Kung
1995 July 29 Witnessing for the Faith in China's Prisons
1995 Summer Did Concelebration Take Place!
1995 Summer Remembering Archbishop Tang Yee-Ming, SJ, Archbishop of Canton
1994 Autumn An Exaltation of the Cross
1995 December Let the Son Shine Out
Two Poems