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Social and Apostolic Program

1) Support to an Underground Catholic Orphanage for Handicapped Abandoned Babies and Children

We have been providing substantial support for many years to an "illegal" orphanage in China that was founded by an underground bishop some thirty years ago. We subsidize the orphanage for its food. The orphanage houses physically and mentally handicapped orphans ranging from only two months old to the eldest who is 33 years old. The older ones are those who entered the orphanage when it was first established approximately thirty years ago. Two-thirds of them cannot take care of themselves, and depend on the nuns for their every living needs. Some of them are attending school.

the orphanage for disabled children in ChinaThe orphanage has approximately eighty orphans with thirty nuns taking care of them, totaling 110 persons. Allowing them an average of only US$2 per person per day for their food, it costs US$6,600 per month. We can only afford to help them with US$2,000 per month, equivalent to approximately 30% of the meager food need. In the meantime, we receive only an average of US$600 donation for each month from kind people like you. We really need more help. The poor peasants in the nearby villages do donate some of their harvest to the orphanage.

The orphanage building was built approximately thirty years ago in a hurry and has deteriorated to such an extent that it has been condemned by the government to be demolished. The orphanage capital project has been so far successful in raising some funds to start the construction of a new building, but it is not enough. They need $130,000 from us. We are too hard pressed to fund this new building, although we recognize the urgent need for constructing it, and would be overjoyed for the sake of the orphans to see it happen. They are the ones who are really in need. If anyone can make a one time special donation to fund the capital cost of this handicapped orphanage, both the orphanage and the donor will be very blessed by helping these "least" of God's children.

A picture is worth thousands of words. This is the link for this orphanage on our website

2) Persecuted Family Tuition-Assistance Program

This program assists families whose members have suffered persecution due to their leadership role in the Underground Church. Many heads of families were arrested and tortured due to their Catholic ministry activities. We assist such families from time to time by paying their children's school tuition while the father is in jail or unemployed. There is no funding for this project. Our general fund takes care of its needs when the occasion arises.

3) Assistance to Underground Catholic Refugees Seeking Asylum in the United States

When appropriate, we provide assistance to underground Roman Catholic refugees seeking asylum in the United States. Occasionally, judicial and immigration officers in the United States and Canada as well as overseas, such as in Australia, have called on us as Expert Witness to verify the state of the persecution in China in order to decide on certain asylum cases. We have also been asked by attorneys to testify in the U. S. court for the persecuted Catholic asylum seekers. We have succeeded so far in helping at least twenty families in the U. S. to obtain their religious asylum status, thereby enabling them to live in the United States freely and legally. The Foundation provided such assistance only after extensive verification that the applicants were truly members of the Underground Roman Catholic Church in China.